Projects & Activities

Advancing the rights of the informal sector workers in Delhi

Under this project, the organization is working to create awareness among  the informal sector worker especially construction and domestic workers  about the government welfare schemes, entitlements and facilitating them  to connect with the government welfare boards, schemes etc.

Providing relief materials (dry ration) During Pandemic

Kislay has been involved to provide relief materials as (dry ration) to the  urban poor, migrant construction and domestic workers of Delhi to sustain  them from the impact of COVID-19 pandemic. It was started in first phase  of COVID-19 and it has been continued till second phase of pandemic. 

Shifting Gender Norms and Creating Alternative Communities

In this project, the organization is focused to address the issues of Early and Child marriage (ECM), gender & sexuality discrimination in the slum communities of Delhi. 

Women Empowerment & local governance 

In this particular project, Kislay has been focusing to empower urban informal working women in Delhi slums to take proactive initiative in addressing structural forms of gender oppression and violence, alongside  strengthening their participation in local governance by establishing  women’s collectives in slum communities. 

Examining the housing situation and access to basic amenities of  migrant workers

This is a research project under which, the organization has been  conducting a research on the issues of housing and basic amenities of  migrant workers in three state of India namely, Delhi, Uttarakhand and  Tamilnadu. 


Right to Life with Dignity for Urban Poor and Workers

In 2005-6, Kislay shifted its focus from effective governance to housing rights for the poor. Kislay with its community collectives have...
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Education for Children

Discussions revealed that what people wanted was to lead a life of dignity and  respect and the parameters for measuring...
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Vikaspuri Slums

Kislay started its work with a few slums in Vikaspuri (West Delhi) where it worked  intensively towards providing and/or improving...
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