Right to Life with Dignity for Urban Poor and Workers

In 2005-6, Kislay shifted its focus from effective governance to housing rights for the poor. Kislay with its community collectives have been leading the struggle for  Right to Life with Dignity for Urban Poor and Workers with a special emphasis on  Right to Housing. The organization’s efforts have resulted in significant changes in  the government policies and have successfully put an end to large scale slum demolitions in Delhi. The organization has been making a demand for in situ  rehabilitation for slum dwellers & workers which DDA had accepted and  implemented only in 2019. 

The central cause of the organization has always been the Right to Life with Dignity  for Urban Poor and Workers, and over the years it has taken the shape of different  initiatives depending on the needs of slum dwellers at different points in time. In  2010, the organization initiated the awareness program among the construction wand  domestic workers to take up issues specific to their work and working conditions. 

While the organization has succeeded in empowering the urban poor and in making  important inroads at the policy level, the struggle is on to realize the dream of a city  where the poor are treated as legitimate citizens and development means  development of all.