Vikaspuri Slums

Kislay started its work with a few slums in Vikaspuri (West Delhi) where it worked  intensively towards providing and/or improving water supply, electricity, schools,  toilets, PDS (Public Distribution System) and informal banking services, its reach  now extends to more than 70 slums and resettlement colonies.

Kislay began working in 6-7 slums located in Vikaspuri (West Delhi). The aim was  not to solve the problems for the people, but to give them the information and  confidence that would enable them to find their way in the labyrinth of the city’s  offices and authorities, and claim what was their due. They initiated a process of  collective thinking, discussion, decision making and action that led to the formation  of the local community collectives. 

Kislay’s work till 2006 was concentrated on empowering people living in slums to  claim from government authorities’ basic amenities and services that they had been  deprived of or for which they had been at the mercy of local mafias. During initial  days, the organization found people just did not have any information — they did  not know what the minimum daily wage was, or how to get a ration card, which  agency to approach for water supply or how to get their children enrolled into school.  They were completely unaware of how to negotiate their way through the multitude  of the city’s offices and authorities.